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Award winning photography by artist: Joe Masciantonio


Events, Celebrity, Glamour, Weddings, Portraits, Automotive

About me:

I originally started in entertainment as a local disc jockey at age 18. Over the span of 10 years, I was able to work at 100s of events, private parties and local night clubs. I fell in love with being behind the scenes and also being part of a team. Real life eventually pushed my career as a DJ aside and after taking on a regular 9 to 5  I had seriously felt that I was missing something. I have always been artistic and I have always had a desire to create.

I chose photography as a way to get back into the scene.In 2000, I decided to head out to a camera store and outfit myself with all the needed equipment to go into business for myself as an artist and entertainment photographer. The internet was new at the time, and the best way to learn was to buy books and talk to other photographers. In doing so, I found a mentor who basically shaped the person you see today by critiquing my work and offering advice on how to improve it.

My survival job has always been in computers and IT. This gave me a huge advantage over my competition as the internet was now growing and becoming an amazing tool for marketing and promotion. I was able to display my own work and advertise with almost no expense. Over the past 2 decades, I have been fortunate enough to work with many celebrities and I have been trusted with some of Philadelphia's largest events and venues. I have traveled all over the United Sates to shoot and I attribute the popularity of my work to the great clients that I have acquired over the years.

As you see on this site, I also have a passion for my personal art. I love working with supercars and models in my spare time and really enjoy just walking this beautiful city on a summer day to add to my art collection. My journey through photography has placed my work in countless magazines and advertisements. My photos grace living rooms and fill books. I am always honored and a little emotional when I stumble upon one of my creations by accident and I love pointing at it mentally and thinking... "I took that photo." As for my next adventure, well that is up to you. Hire me and tell me what I am photographing next.


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